Brunno —
dedicated to music in many ways
NOAJ008 Brunno — 3 Brunno dedicated his life...
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Cláudio Bocca —
OK, what do I do NOW?
NOAJ7-003 Cláudio Bocca — Morada Poesia...
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Váleria —
traveling the world
NOAJ7-002 Váleria — Pé na estrada Valéria...
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Humphrey —
early seventies South African pop psych
NOAJ006 Humphrey — Humphrey Is a South African...
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Phrydderichs Phaelda —
ever-changing patterns and tempos
NOAJ005 Phrydderichs Phaelda — Bruchstuecke Phrydderichs Phaelda was...
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Celso Rubinstein —
it’s the life that speaks
NOAJ7-001 Celso Rubinstein — É A Vida Que...
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Chuck Senrick —
Thoroughly honest music
NOAJ004 Chuck Senrick — Dreamin' The Minnesotan singer/songwriter Chuck...
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Candeias —
Join the club
NOAJ003 Candeias — Sambaiana Candeias, (engl: Candles) was...
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Notes On A Journey —
Discovering and rediscovering music
By this credo productions and recordings (records, cassettes, never before released master tapes) from days gone by shall and will find its audience.
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